'everything is better AGED'

Promoting a more responsible, sustainable and pastured meat industry. Supporting local farmers, and preserving heritage breeds. Respecting and utilizing the whole animal.

The return of a lost craft.... of real food.....
The return of your neighborhood Butcher




The mission of AGED Butchery is to bring a modern version of the traditional whole animal butcher shop to the Los Angeles area. Our aim is to develop relationships with local California farmers that practice raising animals responsibly and humanely on pasture as nature intended. And when ready, harvested at abattoirs with similar humane practices. We bring the whole animals to the shop, and then do our part, the butchering, utilizing every part of the animal from nose to tail, offals and all. Our philosophy is to respect the sacrifice of the animals we harvest, and do our best to promote a more sustainable food system. From traditional uses of various cultures to coming up with creative modern culinary uses, we can minimize waste and do our lessed any more damage to our environment already imposed by the industrialized farming industry. Aging is an extra final application we believe in to take our meats to the next level. As with life...

...everything is better AGED.


the AGED butcher


Melrose Place Farmers Market Melrose Place Farmers Market
West Hollywood (La Cienaga & Melrose)
Sunday morning's from 10:00am to 2:00pm
8400 Melrose Place , West Hollywood, 90069

The Hollywood Farmers Market The Hollywood Farmers Market
In the heart of Hollywood (Ivar & Selma)
Sunday morning's from 8:00am to 1:00pm
1600 Ivar Ave , Los Angeles, 90028